What is Social Launch Formula?

Social Launch Formula is the flagship program of renowned social media expert, Derek Videll. It is an evergreen marketing technique that allows a business to get highly targeted leads and grow a following on EVERY social media platform they are looking to grow on, and run a sale promotion in one marketing campaign. We do so using an advanced social media giveaway strategy crafted from running this model for over 150 different businesses. Just work along with the course in A -> Z order and you'll be able to execute right the first time.

How Social Launch Formula Works


Launch Giveaway

We will create a viral giveaway for the EXACT product or your service that you sell so we get the most targeted leads possible.


Offer Additional Entries

After someone has entered their name and email into the giveaway, we will let them have the chance to gain extra entries by doing things like following you on any social media platform, engaging with your site, reviewing products, sharing with a friend, etc. This makes your giveaway go super viral!



On the day you announce the winner, we'll simultaneously offer a consultation prize for everyone who lost. That consolation will be in the form of an awesome deal on the offer they tried to win so we already know they have interest in it.

Who is Social Launch Formula For?

Literally ALL B2C Businesses

• eCommerce

• B2C Services (fitness coaches, nutritionists, dance instructors, )

• B2B Brick and Mortar (hair stylists, gyms, dentists, restaurants, auto shops...)

• You must already have a business, it will not help in selecting a business idea.


• B2B Businesses

• Influencers who do not Sell a Product or Service Outside of Doing Brand Deals

When You Join Social Launch Formula, You Get Immediate Access To...

The Complete Social Launch Formula Program:

The fast paced course to help you launch a full scale social media giveaway even if you have no prior Meta Ads experience or aren't technically savvy.

Guided Worksheets to Modify Strategies to your Business:

Make this model seamlessly work for any of the businesses listed above by filling these out!

1. Giveaway Landing Page Template: Responsible for achieving opt-in rates of 85%+ while remaining completely compliant with Meta Ad policies.

2. Giveaway Ad Templates: See example images from successful giveaway campaigns in the past to plug your businesses offers into a working design template.

3. Tested Caption Formats: Use one of the tested caption templates to be sure

4. Email Sequence Checklist: Step by step instructions to follow so you don't have any technical issues with your emails throughout this process.

5. FB Ads Checklist: Everything your Facebook Ads need to have in order to work and run smoothly. Don't launch your campaign until all of these have been checked off and you'll be good to go.

24/7 Student Group Support

You'll be given lifetime access to the SLF Student Group where you can ask questions to current students, alumni, and myself, to clarify anything you need help with along the way.

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