Bamboo Is The Fastest Growing and One of the Most Sustainable Plant In The World...

The social media strategies on this site are meant to reflect the same. Browse the collection of Social Bamboo courses and coaching below.

Social Media Trainings

How To Advertise To Pursue Sales & Social Following At The Same Time

Simple Restructuring

Learn to increase ROAS and build a massive social following in the process.

Effective Advertising

Learn the single type of ad that needs created to set your audience snowball in motion.

Audience Leveraging

Learn how to target under-priced traffic few businesses are currently using.

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Viral Hacking Your Market

Forming A Content Strategy

Tools To Research Hashtags

Various Posting Techniques

Which Insight Metrics To Analyze


    How To Grow A Targeted Following

    Gain Thousands of Ready-To-Buy Followers

    Learn how to populate them across every social media platform you want to be on.

    The One Piece of Content

    Needed to create to GUARANTEE people enter your contest and why over 90% of giveaways fail.

    The #1 Time & Engagement Killer

    That almost every Instagram guru has been telling you to do.

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    The Social Bamboo Podcast

    Everything from growing your following to driving traffic and sales! Learn from Denver entrepreneur, Derek Videll, as he goes through the processes behind mastering Instagram marketing.
    Derek is an entrepreneur that understands far more than Instagram marketing and thus prides himself on the ability to teach Instagram as a catalyst with other online marketing practices.
    This is the top rated Instagram podcast boasting over 100 episodes packed with value.
    Find the series on all major platforms today!
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    The Social Bamboo Podcast

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    Derek has a new YouTube channel and would love for you to subscribe! See the marketing info he’s been creating!

    Instagram Marketing Masters

    Got questions specific to your business? Join the Instagram Marketing Masters Facebook Group and ask questions 24/7.

    7 Day Instagram Content Challenge

    Join the Free 7 Day Instagram Content Challenge and compete to win a free shout out from @igmsecrets.

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